Jubilee Jamboree!

Jamboree posterLet’s get ready to party! Yes we’re celebrating 50 years of the URC and here at Mersey Synod we’re going to town… well Parkgate and Neston URC to be precise!

It’s a free family fun day  with a labyrinth, sessions on Muddy Church, interactive Café Jam, a brass band, a cream tea, lunch - and keynote speaker Revd Dr John Bradbury.

When: Saturday 16 July
Where: Parkgate and Neston URC
Time: 10am-3pm.

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London celebrations

Thanksgiving Service

50th anniversary events and competitions can be viewed here but the main event is on Saturday 1 October. The Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration will be held at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster London – where the Uniting Assembly of the URC took place in 1972. This promises to be an inspiring, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join with over 1000 others to celebrate.

The intergenerational communion service is free and open to all in the URC. To ensure adequate provision is made, specific tickets are available for under 5s, 5-11s, 11-18s, and wheelchair users, as well as adult tickets.

Stewards for October 1

For the Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration on October 1, the planning group would like to recruit stewards from every Synod. This is to help serve the communion, to help people around the venue, to help with the stalls and stands before and after the service and to help clear the venue. (Entrance tickets will be checked by Methodist Central Hall security so it’s vital that everyone brings their ticket on their phone or on paper.) Anyone who can help should contact louise.ault@urc.org.uk.

More than 60% of the free tickets have been reserved – so get your ticket soon. The event will be livestreamed and the Order of Service will be available in September for churches holding events to take part in the service while watching it.

Coach Trip!

URC Mersey is arranging a coach trip to London on Saturday 1 October to attend this Service. Seats on the coach are limited so book as soon as possible via the Synod office or call 0151 722 6590. The coach will be financed by Mersey Synod but voluntary donations from attendees are welcome. The journey starts at around 7am, with pick ups in 2 or 3 locations – to be arranged when we know who has booked seats. We will return from Methodist Central House, leaving around 5.15pm. 

Open Church House Event

On the same day there's also a free Open Church House event at Church House, 86 Tavistock Place, from 10am-1pm, which will include activities, workshops and events, including a People Library. Our coach will aim to be at Church House at around 12 noon for those of you who wish to book tickets to attend this event. 

There is also a free printed Guide for those who wish to walk from Church House to Methodist Central House, Westminster, from 1pm to 2.30pm. You walk at your own pace, on your own or with your group and there are plenty of cafes to visit on the way. You also have to book your own tickets for the walk too. 

For those who might not want to be dropped off at Church House, the coach will then travel near to Methodist Central House, where you will have free time until the service starts. 

Find all you need to know and how to book any or all of the tickets here, You have the option of booking any of the above events at the same time (except for the Mersey coach). You can travel to London by train of course. If you have problems in booking for any of the London events then the Synod Office can do this for you. 

50th anniversary resource packs

These were sent to each church, to either the minister, church secretary, or main contact on the URC database. Some people received multiple packs. Additional packs are available from the URC Bookshop.

Filming for Songs of Praise

The URC’s 50th will be featured on Songs of Praise on October 2, and the programme has asked for video clips of events from the year. Please take photos and record clips of services taking place this year. 

Celebrate Together

This book for all ages is available for a £1.95 postage and packing fee – whether you order six or 600. The book has been designed to be given to anyone and everyone with a link to the URC, however big or small, whether they are elders, those using Slimming World, to parents who drop their kids off for uniformed organisations. If you want copies for your events, please order them sooner rather than later.


If you would like to share the videos about the jubilee at meetings or on your website, they are available from the URC’s YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/URCUK - there is a reflection from John Bradbury as well as the video about what’s happening through the year.