Hymns you can use

Revds Martyn Coe and Andy Braunston have passed on a link to a new John Bell hymn which was used at an Iona Community event recently. John has written some very moving words which are sung by Alison Adam and accompanied by Ian McLarty. The song has been made freely available provided it is credited properly. You can see a video of the song here. The score is available here  You can download an MP3 file of the hymn here.

We will meet when the danger is over

John L Bell (C) Wild Goose Resource Group, The Iona Community

We will meet when the danger is over,
we will meet when the sad days are over;
we will meet sitting closely together
and be glad our tomorrow has come.

We will join to give thanks and sing gladly,
we will join to break bread and share wine;
and the peace that we pass to each other
will more than a casual sign.

So let's make with each other a promise
that when we've all come through is behind,
we will share what we missed and find meaning
in the things that once troubled our mind.

Until then may we always discover
faith and love to determine our way.
That's our hope and God's will and our calling
for our lives and for every new day.

Other hymns by John Campbell

Prayer may not halt the pestilence   

Here’s a song about prayer. It was written for a ZOOM service where we were looking at Jesus’ teaching on prayer in Matthew 5. Jesus says that God already knows what we need. So why pray? We looked at Jesus in Gethsemane. Praying didn’t change God’s mind, but it changed Jesus’ ability to overcome his fears and do what he had to do. Prayer changed him. That’s what the song is trying to pick up. Tune: Finlandia, Mission Praise 98.

Prayer may not halt the pestilence around us;
it did not save our Saviour from his fate.
Harsh famine’s curse defied the prayers of many,
time after time, exacting grievous hurt.
Yet, if we pray, and share life’s pain with Jesus,
we will be changed and strengthened while we wait.

Prayer may not bring an end to all injustice;
too many died whilst Naaman found his cure.
Yet, prayer by prayer, we and our world are changing,
if by prayer’s power our hearts grow strong to care;
if we reach out, empow’red by prayer, in action,
then hope may help the fearful to endure.

And if the cup of suffering set before us
proves deep and bitter ev’rywhere, for all,
our prayers must help us work within the wasteland,
give strength to rise up, even when we fall;
that help and care and kindliness and sharing,
may build anew a better world for all.                     

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

A song for those trying to worship by Zoom video conferencing (with a verse for those not zooming). Tune: Three blind mice (traditional UK nursery rhyme).

Zoom, zoom, zoom,
zoom, zoom, zoom,
God’s in the room,
God’s in the room.
We may be scattered out home by home
and some of us may even live alone,
but God will gather us all into one,
by zoom, zoom, zoom.

Zoom, zoom, zoom,
zoom, zoom, zoom,
God’s in the room,
just don’t assume
that only those who can get on screen
are reached by the God who loves us, unseen,
let’s pray for all as we now join and sing
by zoom, zoom, zoom.

Zoom, zoom, zoom,
zoom, zoom, zoom,
God’s in the room,
working the loom.
Yes, God is here as we try to share,
to weave us together in mutual care,
to make us strong for the problems out there,
so, boom, boom, boom!

And a verse for the zoomless….

Boom, boom, boom,
boom, boom, boom,
God’s in the room,
God’s in the room.
We may be scattered out home by home
and some of us spend ev’ry day alone,
but God keeps care of us all, one by one,
so, boom, boom, boom.                                

Paul’s Defiance song!

Inspired by Kwame Amo-Agyei’s WhatsApp devotions and based on 2nd Corinthians 4.8-9 NIV – “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.” Tune: In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, we have the victory… Mission Praise 339

Hard-pressed and surrounded,
yet we’re not confounded,
Jesus will see us through!
Deep in dark confusion,
faith needs rich profusion,
Jesus, we call on you!
We may know real persecution
but God’s care keeps us strong and true.
Some are struck down, yet we’ll push on:
Jesus will see us through!                                             

We are sailing in the darkness

“We are sailing in the darkness” is a quotation from Thomas Traumann, a Brazilian commentator, cited on The Guardian website, 17/4/20. Tune: Battle Hymn (John Brown’s body / Glory, glory, hallelujah).

We are sailing in the darkness
and our captains have no charts,
and so much is still uncertain
it sits heavy on our hearts;
though our boats feel very flimsy
and we’re forced to sail apart,
our God sails with us all.
May Your love reach out in caring,
keep us active, kind and sharing,
keep us cautious, yet with daring,
Great God, sail with us all.

Some are struggling with a fever,
some are locked down all alone,
some are risking all for others
well outside their safety zone;
yet no matter our own trials,
we can try to live as one,
our God sails with us all.

You have battled with the darkness,
You have sailed on angry seas,
and you struggled in a garden
with the weight of sin’s disease;
yes, you came to share our troubles,
You’re the God who never leaves –
our God sails with us all

John Campbell 17/4/20