Being Church

Welcome to Being Church.

The Synod’s Pastoral Support Committee are delighted to commend this resource to help local churches review, reform and reinvigorate your life together.

On this web page are all the documents you will need to undertake Being Church, but if you need some assistance your Pastoral Officer will be happy to help.



It is envisaged that the Being Church journey will take between 4 – 6 months and we suggest that you agree a timeframe at the start to help keep you on track

Stage one looking back should take the least amount of time. Next comes the present, looking at where you are now, this together with stage one should take half your allotted time, i.e. 2 – 3 months.

The final stage is the future, taking time to think about where you as a congregation and making some concrete plans to realise that vision takes time so think about allocating the remain time to this part of your journey.  


Being Church has some great resources to help you and the congregation journey together.

These are:P2

Stage-by-stage guide – this gives the details of the process and so can help plan what you need to do.

Being Church Booklet – This covers all three stages and is for the people within your congregation. It gives them an opportunity to reflect on this at home and there is space for them to jot down their thoughts and opinions. This is available in both a A5 booklet (PDF or Publisher Version) or a A4 Word document, where the print is slightly larger. If you need a hand with printing copies, then please contact the Synod Office.

Being Church – Our Future – this is a duplication of Part A included in the booklet. We have given you a separate sheet for this so people can make their selection and hand back to the church secretary while keeping their own notes in the booklet.

 Additional Resources

Being church booklet can be used successfully on its own, as it contains all you need to go through the journey together. However, sometimes you may need additional resources to support specific areas of your life together. The resources that are currently available are: 

Appendix A – Worship - This encourages you to look at who is involved in planning and leading worship as well the style and content of worship

Appendix B – Prayer Life - This encourages you to look at the prayer life of the congregation, resources and spaces that are available to support and encourage prayer.

Appendix C – The shape of your community – This resource encourages you to look at the community in which you serve with fresh eyes.

Appendix D – Community Questionnaire – This resource seeks the opinions of people outside the local congregation. We would encourage you to think carefully about why you would use this, who you would give it to and what you will do with the information. This should not be just given to anyone and everyone who lives or works in your community. 

These resources can be used in the present or future sections of the journey.

 Vision Day

This is not as scary as it sounds. This is simply a time to come together reflect on your journey and plan where you are going as you move forward. To do this you take the information of the past and present as your foundation and then you use the information gathered in Our Future to shape where your focus will be as a congregation.P3

We would recommend that you invite someone from outside the congregation to act as your facilitator. This will enable everyone in the congregation to actively participate but the facilitator’s role is also to ensure you come up with clear actions that can be achieved, that have resources allocated and are given a time frame. It is easier for someone outside the congregation to encourage you to do that.

 Tell others

If you decide to undertake the Being Church Journey, please let your Pastoral Officer know. If we know, we can be praying for you as your journey together, but also it will stop the Pastoral Support Committee contacting you unnecessary about taking part in Being Church.P4

If you have found doing Being Church beneficial to you as a congregation, why not share your story so that others may be encouraged to use this resource.