Final Recording

Martin Morris, of Grange URC, explained: 'The final Virtual Choir item has now been recorded. This was, by far, the most difficult to mix. The backing track builds up to a superb crescendo of sound by the last two choruses. As ever, best via headphones so you get the sense of space and vocals. The virtual choir has now come to a natural end. We can now sing in church, we have helped others in their worship during last year and we have raised £480 for the RNLI. So our job is done. I think we can be very happy with how the choir has come together and performed over the past 12 months. They remain on our YouTube Channel and continue to be viewed.

I am proud of the joy that our virtual choir has given to many thousands across the UK and the world.'

Autumn 2021

Grange URC's Virtual Choir have produced Jesus Strong & Kind. 

Easter Recordings

Grange URC have done it again for Easter 2021. Enjoy When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.

And their second Easter song Christ The Lord Is Risen Today  

Be Still

Grange URC Choir recorded Be Still for Presence of The Lord in January 2021, individually but brought together using software. Separated by the virus, joined together in song.

Christians Awake

Grange URC Choir recorded Christians Awake! individually but brought together using software. Separated by the virus, joined together in song.

Christmas recording

Grange URC Choir recorded In The Bleak Midwinter individually but brought together using software. Separated by the virus, joined together in song.

Choir gets creative in lockdown

Martin and his wife KarenJoined in song but separated by the coronavirus lockdown, members of Grange URC, Bebington, Wirral, recorded a hymn, There Is A Redeemer and then uploaded it on YouTube. They are now putting the finishing touches to another hymn – And Can It Be? – to be released when the church reopens on 4 October.

Martin Morris, choir leader, (pictured here with his wife Karen) said, ‘Our choir had great fun putting the first one together over three weeks. Not easy singing on your own and certainly not the same as singing as a group! There are 12 people involved, all different ages, keen and enthusiastic. 

Something to focus on

‘Each choir member came to our church to record, one by one, in a recording studio in a fairly large room I set up. In effect, although there are 12 members, by the time I finished with the editing there were up to 20 voices. 

‘It gave each of us something to focus on that is not COVID-19 related – we had been separated by the virus and I wanted to join us together in song. Plus, it's something different. It got each of us out of our comfort zone (it’s not easy singing solo in front of someone) and showed Grange and the wider audience what we can do.

‘Our church has been closed since 15 March and we all miss the physical fellowship and the singing of hymns. Whilst we come together each Sunday morning on a telephone conference call it is not the same as all being together. A church is not the building but the fellowship of its people. This was a way of allowing our congregation hear the choir again either by listening on line or, for those with no internet access, via CD. 

‘We chose There Is A Redeemer because it’s a hymn of hope. It reminds us all that whatever pain and trials we are going through, that God is with us.’ 

Their endeavours have been featured on BBC Radio Merseyside.

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