Be a volunteer at CRE Manchester

The Christian Resources Exhibition is coming to Event City Manchester in March 2019.

The URC is running a Joint Public Issues Team stall, and volunteers are being sought to go on a rota to assist on this stall for the whole of the event.

Volunteers will only be on the stall for an hour if we have enough volunteers. There will be two volunteers at one time, and a member of the JPIT team will be there all of the time.

Six Synods are interested in volunteering for this event, including Mersey, and most of these six Moderators have offered to go on the rota.

If you volunteer you will get free tickets for this event. If you're interested contact Rita Griffiths, Mersey Synod Clerk, on 07838 103310 or  There will be  information/guidance provided before the event starts.

CRE is on Wednesday 13 March, 10am to 8pm, and Thursday 14 March, 10am to 4pm. Event City, Phoenix Way Off, Barton Dock Rd, Manchester M41 7TB.