Preparing the gifts for children in ChesterUpton URC have been helping bring a little cheer to youngsters in need this Christmas. The Revd Ruth Wilson explains...

'Helping Chester Children this Christmas organiser Sally Dugan had put out a plea for Christmas gifts for young people in need and received over 200 gifts. I was approached and asked if Upton URC main hall could be used as a venue for wrapping the gifts could take place, if lockdown was brought to an end.  

'In consultation with the Elders we readily agreed to help and also to offer use of one of the rooms at Upton URC as storage for the gifts. We also put out a plea to church family and friends at Upton URC and Vicars Cross URC to see if they would like to volunteer to help with the wrapping and sewing “santa sacks”, and we had a very positive response from both churches.

'However, Social Services would not accept wrapped presents or gift sacks due to safeguarding and the gifts needed to be delivered to / collected by them as they would need to be quarantined for 72 hours (due to Covid) prior to distribution. So Sally and I delivered some of the gifts to Chester Social Services and a Council van collected the other gifts.

'Covid-19 might have limited how we can help but it hasn’t stopped us sharing joy and spreading love this Christmas.'