How to produce great church magazines imageIf your church is looking at how to get good news stories into your local newspapers, or trying to improve your communications – both within your church and out to your local community – we can help.

If you need any support with communications or marketing, including a full review of the effectiveness of communications in your church, please get in touch. We can also design posters and flyers for your church, point you in the right direction for free stock photography for newsletters and can chat through any website/social media needs. 

We're also always on the lookout for stories from churches which we can share with everyone through Lookout, our magazine, or on this website, social media and in the press. 

Do you have an elderly person still running creche after 50 years? Let me know. Is there a church teenager fundraising for charity? We're interested. Is your church impacting the community in some way – please tell us how! 

We currently have a vacancy for our Communications Officer please follow this link if you are interested