Richard Pearce, the Green Apostle for URC Mersey, reports on the Bolton Climate and the Environment Conference, 13 October 2020:

The Conference was delivered online by Zoom and was attended by 96 delegates. 

There were a few introductory sessions covering the back ground to climate change, climate justice and the need to act urgently to keep global temperature increases down e.g. video talk by Christiana Figueres, General Secretary of the UN Framework on Climate Change. 

Talk by Helen P-J from A Rocha on Eco Church emphasised:

Climate Justice: climate change will affect the poorest in society most

building the Kingdom: churches as centres for creation care

stewardship of God’s Creation: eg Psalm 104 vv10-18.

Short description of the Eco Church process and survey. Churches can go through the various topics to their own pace. Large store of free resources to help with implementation. 

Talk by Mark Cowling covering personal carbon footprints and the Bolton Climate Action Plan. 

Short videos from churches which have achieved Eco Church awards:

  • Oldham’s Church at Astley Bridge Bronze Award: secret garden project using waste land, Creation Sundays, songs about creation and the environment.

  • Jan Bennett, St Maxentius Church in Bradshaw Silver Award: team went through the Eco Church questionnaire and developed the action plan, developed various initiatives including survey of church land identifying rare trees, coffee mornings, Free Trade, litter picks, car share scheme. 

Resources Pack provides information on climate change and ideas for action mainly through internet links, see attached document.  

For useful links please see the pdf document here.