Livestream or not?

Want to combine in-person services with live and virtual congregations? Want to livestream but not sure how? Want to go slowly, slowly, on buying kit to start with? Martin Morris, Grange URC Venue Manager, has been doing this for a while and shares his experience … Please read more (Word document)

Helpful advice for churches during the pandemic

Moderators advice re new freedom

'We remind churches of the Great Commandments: to love God with our whole being and love our neighbour as we love ourselves. All our actions must therefore be aimed at glorifying God and showing continuing care for others. We cannot cast off all restraint and still fulfil those commandments. It is therefore fully appropriate for us to continue some of the practices with which we have become familiar.' See full document. Latest advice July 2021 (Word doc)

New reality, same mission

The URC has also published a new booklet New reality, same mission: A stimulus to renewed community engagement as we emerge from the pandemic. The resource is complementary to the Ready for the new ‘normal’ booklet and uses questions in that paper as its starting-point. The booklet offers a process for exploring questions of community presence and engagement and social justice in the 'new normal' and developing new priorities for mission and ministry. Download it here  

Communications Advice


Has the pandemic and its lockdowns made you reconsider your church communications? Has this been the time to move to an email magazine? You could use free options like for great templates, which also gives you control over evaluation of who reads it and information on who clicks through to links. 

You can also adapt templates with images and text boxes. See our How To guide of how to use Mailchimp for your e-newsletter. Contact our Communications Officer if you would like to explore this option and feel uncertain about how to proceed. 

If however you think this is the perfect time to up your game on your printed magazine, we have a new resource available. How to produce a great church magazine covers basics and tips including font and design. It encourages you to take stock and review where you are before moving forward, and gives advice on how to turn a basic newsletter into a professional looking publication. Download the pdf here.

Template web imageWe're also offering a service to churches who want to have a new website, to have use of our template website. So we've developed the look - but you personalise it with text and images. Get in touch if you would like to talk about this.

For any of the above contact

Streaming services and other resources

The URC national team have created a web section which includes government advice, prayers, ideas and resources, lists of churches who are streaming services and how to stay connected through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Zoom. Visit their web section here