Digital Resources

The national URC has many digital resources you may find helpful. Go to 

Daily Devotions

Early every morning an email is sent out to over 4,000 people giving a reading, reflection and short prayer to help us focus on following Jesus in our everyday lives. This is also available as a recorded Podcast on all your favourite podcast providers and as a booklet ready to be printed by local churches for those who don’t have access to the Internet.

Small Group Material

URC is now turning some of the Daily Devotions series into discussion material for small groups. This will expand this as the material is useful for mid-week groups and church awaydays. 

Sunday Worship

Each week URC sends out an audio service to all those who receive the Devotions, which is a Godsend for those who can’t to a service. These are also sent out in advance to churches who wish to save them to memory pen or CD and give out locally as a way of caring for those who can’t get along.

Pulpit Supply

The Daily Devotion services are now offered on Powerpoint for local churches to use as a form of pulpit supply. The preachers have videoed themselves and the script of the prayers is provided so churches can choose to either play the whole thing or mix and match with hymns played locally with an elder leading the prayers and simply using the video introduction, sermon and blessing. Again these are sent out ahead of time to allow local churches to see how best to use them.