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Walk for climate justice

July 2021: The weather over the last few weeks has been gloriously sunny, too warm for a few, but in general most people prefer it to the damp, chilly days we are used to. Behind this weather we all know of more sinister implications – Climate Change.

Across the world unpredictable weather is causing havoc, flooding in Germany and China, fires in California and Australia, record breaking temperatures in Canada (46.6 Deg C). Then there are the stories that don’t make the news. One story is of a woman in South Sudan, instead of walking two kilometres for water, now has to walk 10km because the nearby water hole has dried up. They haven’t had rain for months. Then when the rain comes, it is so heavy that the whole village is flooded and what meagre crops she has planted have been washed away. Her community now has no food, no source of income and they are starving. There are hundreds more stories like this.

This summer a group of young people (they call themselves Young Christian Climate Network or YCCN for short) are walking from St Ives to Glasgow in a bid to ask the world leaders at the COP26 UN talks to make decisions which protect people not bank balances, to decide that no country will go into debt tackling climate change. They are being supported by many international charities, including Christian Aid , Tearfund and CAFOD.

The climate crisis is a reflection, and a cause, of deep injustice in the world. This crisis arises from our abuse of God’s creation, and our broken relationship with our neighbours worldwide who suffer most from its consequences. We are convinced of the Biblical mandate to care for creation, and lament its exploitation. As we turn to face God we are praying for a systematic change on a global and a local scale.

YCCN are asking two things from ALL Christians as they walk


Will you pray for these young people and the leaders of COP26? Please write down you prayers onto paper and then fold the paper into an origami boat. Our message to the leaders is “We are all in the same storm but we are not in the same boat”.


As a mark of solidarity, on 8-9 October people will be walking into Liverpool City Centre from various locations with our prayer boats and meet at a central point to have them blessed and commissioned. Then the prayer boats will be taken up to Glasgow to join all the other prayers from the country to be delivered to the world leaders.

We have several routes planned across the surrounding areas, from as far as Southport, Ormskirk, Halewood and probably near where you live. You can join in for all of the walk or just part – every mile counts.

Micah 6.8 tells us we must “act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” 

Will you walk humbly, asking for mercy for the vulnerable and oppressed and seeking justice in Jesus name?

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved, please contact Eirlys Jessop (07583 115156) or Richard Pearce