MurrayUnexpected Results

Minister Revd Murray George accidentally gained a following for his live Facebook videos during lockdown. Minister to Alsager, Congleton and Minshull Vernon URCs, Murray explains:

Getting to grips with using technology in new ways has been a big change for me and it has had some unexpected results. After coming to terms with recording video messages and reflections online I decided one day to delve into the world of Facebook live.

It happened almost by accident. I was walking the dogs in the country on the edge of town early one morning. The rising sun was seen through the trees, the wild flowers and the bird song were all around me - experiencing the countryside was wonderful. I had my phone with me so just decided to launch into Facebook live and try it.

I was surprised almost immediately at the number of people who were up and watching live as I sat on a bench and panned the phone around to show the beautiful sunrise. I commented on the bird song and the scenery around.  I kept the live stream going for a few minutes on that first occasion, before signing off and continuing my walk, thinking nothing of it. When I got home the video had been posted and there were a few comments from people who had watched. One in particular caught my eye - it read:

Sharing the peace

“Thank you for sharing the peace and do you realise that to be able to freely do that makes you a millionaire! So keep using your legs that enable you to partake.”

I talked to the person a little later who told me, “I have not seen that part of the countryside for 30 years.” 

I quickly realised I could do something I’d not thought about before. I can walk and enable this person and others can join me. People can share my walks with me and experience at least something of what I experience on them. So I have made the decision that at least once a week I will do a Facebook live video as I take the dogs for a walk and give people the opportunity to walk with me, if only for a short way. I have ordered a selfie stick so I can walk and talk and also keep silence whilst others can look and listen. 

Together we can share something of God’s creation across the local area, experiencing and reflecting on the progress of the seasons week by week.