General Data Protection Regulation information

The Mersey Trust Company Privacy Notice document is available HERE

The Mersey Trust Data Protection Policy is available HERE

The Mersey Synod General Data Privacy Notice is now available to download HERE

Some GDPR Questions with Answers can be viewed on a powerpoint by CLICKING HERE

To view the powerpoint presentation from March 2018 Synod, please CLICK HERE

To view the powerpoint from Church House in London, CLICK HERE

And here are the speaker notes for this presentation

Church House has produced some basic advice and some template documents:

These are all available to download from:

Mersey has adapted the URC Consent Policy to include tick boxes.  You can download the Mersey one from our website.  I would add that if a church finds it is processing personal data for several different purposes (eg, membership records, giving them news and information, sharing pastoral news about them, publicity, fundraising, etc), it would be preferable to provide separate boxes to tick to enable people to consent to some processing but not others.

The Directory for Social Change provides a useful brief overview here:

The Church of England has provided further resources, which may be of some help, although the terminology will differ in places:

The Methodist Church has provided a helpful list of dos and don’ts: Free advice

The Mersey Consent Template, can be Viewed HERE

A Church Data Audit Form can be viewed HERE