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Mersey Mission Fund

NEW!!! URC Mersey Synod has set up a Mission Fund!

The Synod has set aside £75,000 a year and your church can apply! You can apply for a large grant of up to £25,000 a project or, using the small grant scheme, you can apply for up to £2,500 as many times as you need. You could even ask for just £100 for a Family Fun Day! Synod wants to say yes! Grants are for mission projects, not building projects. 

Grant guidelines (Word)

Small grant application (Word)

Large grant application (Word)


As a way of encouraging URC members to engage with a journey of deepening personal discipleship, grants of up to £200 are available towards the cost of approved discipleship courses attended or run. Congregations can apply for help with the cost of “buying in” a speaker or other resources to facilitate in-house schemes. Please contact us to discuss your discipleship development in advance of an application to this fund.

The Legacy Fund

The Fund's primary purpose is to provide funding for imaginative and innovative projects which may struggle to secure financial support from alternative sources. It is principally available to support short term projects (normally not more than three years) or one off events.

Churches can apply directly, but need a letter from Synod supporting the application. The Fund is administered by the Finance Committee of the Church and applications in the first instance should be made in writing to the Chief Finance Officer

The main things to note is that the fund generally does not cover building works nor does it cover things which are similar to ministry. The maximum grant is £50,000, which can be spread over three years. A panel decide on the grants and will be looking for projects which are exciting and ideally have a missional aspect. 

The guidelines and application form can be found under the Central Grants section of the URC website here:

Nathaniel Reyner Trust Fund

One of the principal objects of The Nathaniel Reyner Trust Fund, in Formby, is to provide financial assistance to UR churches within Merseyside. There has been a decline in applications in recent years.  Applications from churches for financial assistance can be sought from them preferably by the end of March and the end of October as the Trust only meet in April and late November.  

You can apply for up to £2500 for various projects including building works (car parks; accessibility etc); there are no application forms to complete, you just write a letter giving as much information as possible and send to Lawrence (address given below) and enclose quotes if it is for building work. 

Applications should go to Lawrence Downey, Secretary at The Nathanial Reyner Trust Fund, Ripley House, 56 Freshfield Road, Formby, Liverpool L37 3HW and you can ring him for advice and information too on Tel 01704 879330.

Grant Finder

URC treasurers will be pleased to know that the Association for Church Accountants and Treasurers has partnered with GRANTfinder to provide new funding streams to help local churches find relevant external grant sources. More information can be found here

Social Cohesion

URCs can explore the Allen Lane Foundation's new social cohesion programme which seeks to provide support to local communities. The programme funds projects that aim to proactively break down barriers and tensions between different groups of people, and build a more cohesive and inclusive community for all. If you run such a project, would like to apply or gain more information, read more

Further information about the following trusts can be requested via the

 Synod Office

Joseph and Ruth Evans Trust

The income of this trust is applicable at the trustees’ discretion –

  • for the religious and other charitable work of URC churches in the Synod with a preference for Haydock United Reformed Church and other United Reformed Church churches serving the areas of Prescot, Rainhill, Blackbrook, Haydock and Ashton-in-Makerfield, and subject thereto

  • in furthering the Protestant evangelical religion (with a preference for the religious and other charitable work of the United Reformed Church in the area of the Synod)

Jessie Anderton Trust

The income of this trust is applicable at the trustees’ discretion –

  • in relieving the need of or relieving the sickness (including convalescence) of members and adherents of the United Reformed Church as hereinafter defined situate within the area of the Mersey Synod of the United Reformed Church.

“Members of the United Reformed Church” include the members of local ecumenical partnerships in which the URC is a sharing or partner Church and ‘adherents’ include individuals who have a significant connection with a local church or local ecumenical partnership

The Trustees will give preference to applicants from St Helens and the surrounding district.

Miscellaneous Welfare Funds Charity

The clear income and, at the Trustee’s discretion, the capital thereof to be applied in relieving need, hardship, sickness and distress amongst members (which include ministers) of the United Reformed Church within the area of the Mersey Synod:  PROVIDED that any unapplied income may be paid to the synod’s Welfare Fund.

Rankin Organ Scholarship

The clear income, and at the discretion of the trustee the whole or part of the capital, to be applied in promoting in United Reformed churches in the area of the Mersey Synod –

  • in the first place, the good playing of the organ in worship by providing a scholarship or scholarships 

  • and subject thereto, in otherwise promoting the use of music by such means as the Trust Company decides.

Provided that any income remaining unspent in any year may be paid to the Synod general purposes or unrestricted fund. 

Mersey Synod Ministers' Widows Fund

The clear income and at the trustee’s discretion the whole or any part of the capital of the fund shall be applied in relieving the surviving spouses or surviving civil partners (which may include former spouses or civil partners) and dependent children of deceased ministers; with preference being given to such spouses and children of ministers who at any time served as a minister in the area of the Mersey Synod or who resided in the said area at the date of their death.

Provided that the amount of such relief may be reduced by the amount of assistance received by the beneficiary from any other Synod.

Eccleston (St Helens) Students for Ministry Fund

The clear income of the The Eccleston (St Helens) Students for Ministry Fund is to be applied –

  • in the first place to “support” Mersey Synod students who are training for the ministry   within the URC;

“support” means support their education and training etc, in other words furthering or advancing their education and training, or supporting them financially because they are in need of assistance; people who are in straitened circumstances as a result of their undergoing their training/education courses.   

By ‘straitened circumstances’ we mean that the changes in their income have had a significant detrimental effect on their family or household situation which they are unable to mollify by other household income or reasonable expenditure of savings.

  • in the second place, in so far as the income arising in any year remains cannot be applied as above, it is to be spent in supporting as above Mersey Synod students training as church related community workers;  

  • in the third place, in so far as the income in any year cannot be applied as above, it is to be spent in supporting students from the North Western, Northern and Yorkshire Synods who are training for the ministry of Word and Sacraments by providing grants towards the cost of their books and other educational material;

  • in the fourth place, if and in so far as the income in any year cannot be applied as above, it is to be paid to the Mersey Synod to be applied towards the training and educational work of and in the Synod.

John Holgate of Salem Church, Orrell, Trust

The clear income, and at the trustee’s discretion the whole or any part of the capital, of the fund shall be applied so far as practicable in providing books and any other training material for those taking the TLS course (or any similar or replacement course); and subject thereto in otherwise providing training materials or courses for lay members in the area of the Mersey Synod of the United Reformed Church who are undergoing training for any of the ministries of the URC, provided that the trustee shall consult with and have regard to the advice of that synod;  and subject to this, the said income and capital shall be applied otherwise for the religious work of the Mersey Synod.

Please note

Please note that URC Assembly does not want churches to apply for Lottery Funding but they do accept grants from the National Heritage Lottery Fund for Listed Buildings.


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