Green Homes Grant 

The government has recently launched the Green Homes Grant scheme under which homeowners and landlords in England can apply for a voucher towards the cost of installing energy efficient and low-carbon heating improvements to homes.

The government will provide a voucher that covers up to two thirds of the cost of qualifying improvements to your home. The maximum value of the voucher is £5,000. You may be able to receive a higher level of subsidy if you are a homeowner and either you or a member of your household receives one of the qualifying benefits, covering 100% of the cost of the improvements. The maximum value of these vouchers is £10,000. Landlords cannot apply for the low-income part of the scheme.

The deadline for redeeming vouchers and completing the improvements is 31 March 2021. 

For more details of the scheme and how to apply, visit the Simple Energy Advice website: 

If you would like any help with making an application, please get in touch.