Along with our URC Mersey How-to Guides below, check out a wealth of information guides from the national team here.

Image of first page of How to be a convenor guideHow to be a URC Mersey Convenor

If you're considering becoming a URC Mersey committee convenor, please read this pdf document to help you decide if it's for you. 

How to be a URC Mersey Committee Secretary

If you're considering becoming a URC Mersey committee secretary, please read this pdf document to help you decide if it's for you.

How to engage your church on Facebook

Cover image of Facebook posts resourceIf you're running out of Facebook post ideas, then this is just the resource for you. It highlights not only those more 'spiritual' questions you can ask which gain engagement – and enables meaningful follow up – but also has a wealth of ideas just for fun (and to gain engagement so your posts are seen by more people!)  Take a look! (pdf)

Get your church on social media

How to cover imageA How To guide for getting your church on the right social media.
Do you want to connect with as a church? Is it your own congregation? Your community? Both? Is it young families? Senior citizens? Other organisations? The press? Read our guide to see what might work for your church.

Using Mailchimp for e-newsletters

A guide to help you sign up, design and send e-newsletters to your church, using Mailchimp – with step by step instructions.

Download pdf here.

How to image

Local media

Ever wondered how to get into the local media? Are you considering how best to seem relevant to your community? 

We now have available a How Get Media Coverage booklet, available here as a pdf. Contact Us if you would like a hard copy.

Church magazines / newsletters

Front coverHow to produce great church magazines pdf is now available here. It covers basics and tips including font and design. It encourages you to take stock and review where you are before moving forward, and gives advice on how to turn a basic newsletter into a professional looking publication. 

But first – is this the time to be considering e-newsletters? If you think it is but are unsure how to proceed, contact us.