Our Special issue of Lookout 2020 - featuring how staff can help you - can be viewed or downloaded here.

April 2020 Lookout front pageApril 2020 Lookout features interesting ways of impacting your communities - perhaps one to read, ponder and plan for when we're on the other side of the Coronavirus. 

The February issue can be viewed or downloaded here.

The December issue included an article on dementia, which has prompted a response from one reader which was helpful, and which we publish here, with thanks.

To the editor of Lookout

I would like to make a comment about the introduction in the article about supporting those with dementia and their carers. I absolutely think that churches should be supporting people and carers living with dementia and thank you for highlighting the work done at Parkgate and Neston but I take exception to the use of the word "suffering". My husband I live daily with the reality of dementia and on bad days we certainly suffer from this disease but most days we live well and can find life fun and rewarding. By using this word you perpetuate the thinking that all is doom and gloom when you receive the diagnosis and this is far from the truth. It's a horrid and debilitating disease and life is very different to the one we envisioned when my husband retired but God is still our hope and we know the best is yet to come. By using the word suffering you make people feel sorry for us but we don't need pity we need groups like Parkgate and Neston. Long may they last and flourish!

With kind regards

Mrs Jane Burgess