Be a Memory Loss Friendly Church

Old photosMemory Loss – either through dementia or other reasons – can be very isolating and frustrating, both for those who have memory loss and for those they live with. It’s important that our churches respond proactively.

Jane Burgess, from a URC Mersey church, whose husband has dementia, believes, ‘Church should be a place of safety and hope, not ignorance and judgement. Don’t ignore or exclude the person living with memory loss, keep talking to them.’

With thanks to Jane, who has helped put together this section of the website, and Mal Breeze, URC Community Minister. Much of this section has been taken from their joint training event held in July 2020.

Training event PowerPoint (Mal Breeze) This includes tips on communion.

See our How To Make Worship Memory Loss Friendly Guide 

Dementia friendly church offer a helpful guide

Some practical tips 

Personal poems by Jane Burgess

Church run dementia club 

For further reading and websites

And a story from Lynne Barker, of URC Mersey:

'A member of our church loved to go off for walks on his own. When there was the beginning of a concern that he may not find his way home, his wife slipped a phone in his pocket which had "find phone" enabled. It was a simple way to continue to give as much independence as possible.  When this was no longer safe enough, members of the church fellowship pre-arranged with his wife for him take the church member for a walk. He was always wonderfully surprised and delighted at having "unexpected" company and he was a wonderful, interesting guide, the information and stories from deep in his memory. It also gave his wife some free time.'