Messy Church - but not as we know it!  

Allison with a Messy BagLockdown has not stopped Peasley Cross URC, St Helen’s, from carrying on with Messy Church – they took it to the families.

The Revd Allison Claxton explained that they did not want to lose contact with their families and so decided to create Messy Bags, which volunteers could deliver in appropriately social distanced ways.

The bags contained activities for the children, relating to the theme and an information sheet with the activities, games and a prayer, along with contact details if any families wanted to get in touch.

Allison added, ‘Each month we have delivered to 16 children, ranging in age from around 4 – 12. In June the theme has been the five Senses, so we included a booklet, a glow-worm craft, a rattler craft, a card game with pictures of the five Senses – which families could use as a 'pairs' game – a 'Messy Mr Potato' game (based on the beetle-drive idea), including a big chunky die, a tube of handcream, some blow bubbles, and a squeaky duck! There were also various quizzes, worksheets and an activity where you eat some popcorn (provided) and write what it looked like, tasted like, felt like, smelt like and what noise it made when you ate it.

‘The families enjoy getting the bags and I've had some lovely feedback and pictures from the families of completed crafts.

‘The volunteers are looking forward to welcoming the families back when Messy Church reopens but until then we will try to support the families as best we can.’