Church buildingA major purpose of Synod is to support the local church in its mission. 

For many, if not most, local churches, one of the primary tools for its mission is its premises. It is a fact of history that for the United Reformed Church in the Mersey Synod, most local congregations meet in buildings which are formally owned by a Trust (the URC (Mersey Province) Trust Ltd), but are from day-to-day in the care of the local congregation. However, we all need to remember that all Church property, including its buildings, is held in trust for the work of the Lord Jesus and that we are merely stewards looking after it for the time being.

Focussing on buildings, this means that we have to be accountable for how we look after them and develop them, keeping them fit for purpose in the 21st Century. Of course there are also legal requirements with which we have to comply – charity law, planning regulations and so on.

Part of this accountability is that the church should record ALL work undertaken on the church buildings (internally and externally) in a buildings log book.

Building Works in your church RESOURCES 1

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Manse Policy

Repairs to a Manse Occupied by a Minister

The Church Log Book, a resource for churches to create a record of all alterations, additions, removals or repairs to fabric, fixtures and fittings of the church and curtilage or churchyard.

Helping Ministers and Their Families Feel Safe and Comfortable In Their Manses: PDF : WORD