Stepwise is the discipleship development programme from the United Reformed Church. Stepwise is for everyone: all ages, shapes and sizes – including you! 

What is discipleship development?

If you are keen to reflect on, and develop your Christian faith, ready to be stimulated and challenged, and want to make a difference in your own life and the lives of others, then Stepwise is what you’re looking for.

Stepwise is shaped around your strengths and needs, in the context of your own community and church. It emphasises the importance of learning from your daily life – wherever you are and whoever God might be calling you to be.

Stepwise is part of Walking the Way: Living the Life of Jesus Today, the United Reformed Church’s focus on whole-life discipleship – being a follower of Jesus.

Stepwise is about what we, as the people of God, can become together as we share God’s love in the world.

Stepwise is made up of five broad learning streams, or areas, which include themes for individuals and groups to explore:

Faith-filled Life

discovering our place and purpose

Faith-fuelled Leadership

we all have a part to play

Faith-filled Confidence

being confident in our own faith and building friendships across faiths

Faith-filled Community

being a church shaped by God’s mission acting for justice in God’s name

Faith-filled Worship

worship for change

Every Stepwise journey begins with Faith-filled Life – an essential introduction and preparation for the other streams. This is the opening stream of Stepwise.

To learn more please speak to Stuart Radcliffe or Sandra Wellington.

For Frequently Asked Questions, check out the URC page here