Future Synod meetings

Synods 2020  10.00 am – 4.00 pm

Saturday 14 March 2020 at Allerton URC, Liverpool - CANCELLED

Saturday's Synod CANCELLED

In light of the coronavirus outbreak and wanting to prioritise the safety of those who attend Synod Meetings and those they might come in contact with, the Mersey Synod Executive has decided, after careful thought, to cancel the Synod meeting on Saturday 14 March. Please let others know who may have been attending.

Book of Reports and Resolutions here

Saturday 17 October 2020 tbc 

Summer Synods 2020   

7.00pm – 9.15 pm  (buffet available prior – same content, people choose which to attend)

16 July - Wallasey Village URC, Wirral
22 July - Formby URC

October 2019 Synod Meeting 

Moderator Jacky (left) with Philip (centre) and John, congratulating both on 60 years of ministry.October Synod began with Jubilee Ministers, Philip Kennerley (Over URC, Winsford) and John Martin (Parkgate and Neston URC), each being congratulated and thanked as they were presented with certificates of appreciation for 60 years of ordained ministry.

Back in the day, John was an army and navy chaplain. With fewer ministers available these days he believes, "We need elders to be chosen for their pastoral abilities."

Philip had a hectic start to his ministry - he was married just three days after he became a minister! Reflecting on his ministry, he said, "I've enjoyed every minute of it!" 

Palestine and Israel Report

Along with resolutions and information, Paul Franklin reported back on his trip to Palestine and Israel - he is also available for talks at your church. Contact paul.franklin1958@gmail.com

Children and Youth Resource

Considering stories was one of the main themes to come out of the Synod meeting this October - not just Bible stories, but our own individual and church stories. One resource presented was the youth Pilots resource sack, which comes with fantastic session materials, as well as props. Get in touch with our Children and Youth Officer is you'd like to know more.

Refugee petition

There was also a call to respond to refugee cuts by signing a petition. "EU funding for the refugee council (and some other NGOs) will not be replaced by the government in the event of a no deal Brexit. This will drastically reduce the support that they are able to give to refugees." Sign a petition for funding to be replaced here https://www.refugeecouncil.org.uk/get-involved/campaign-for-us/emergency-action-sign-the-letter/ 

Please see notes from the October Synod here

 Rita (left) and Jacky

 The discussion starts

Stuart leading Bible study 

Summer Synods

At our summer synods people met together and enjoyed a lovely buffet before getting down to the business at hand. Along with discussing elders, churches were asked to share good news. The Cross Lane United Church wrote that a lady of 91 has been introduced by an Ablement Team.  From being a recluse she is now - 18 months on - attending church four mornings a week and has said it has changed her life and is her second home!

See notes of the meetings here

See Jacky's powerpoint about elders here

Code of Conduct for Elders here 

 Summer Synod

 Group discussions

 Discussing together

 Lynne, Rita and Jacky from Synod staff