MarjeMarje Walked for Water

Most of us may have increased our walking recently but Marje Robinson, of Vicars Cross URC, has done more than that. She increased her distance, noticed more of her surroundings, and raised over £850 for charity – five times more than she planned!

Marje said, ‘At the beginning of February 2021, with nothing better to do, I noticed on Facebook a challenge called Walk for Water. This was to be sponsored to walk each day of March for the charity Water Aid.’

The challenge was to walk 4, 8 or 12k a day and help to make clean water normal for everyone, everywhere.

Great experience!

‘I was having a walk almost every day already so I signed up for 4k. What an experience it’s been! Not only has my average been 9k per day, but I have had numerous chats with real people (as opposed to Zoom people!), have seen rare water voles, learned what Swedish Black ducks look like and now know the difference between Pink Footed geese and Barnacle geese. I thought I knew my local area but I didn’t know it as well as I had thought. I most certainly hadn’t appreciated the wide variety of plants, birds and animals we have.

‘It has made me think, too. I regularly see the local river and canal and it has brought home to me the horror that millions of families rely on water like this to drink. Yes, I already knew this fact but in my head only. Now it’s an everyday reality for me. The second thing it has brought home to me is that the very time when I’m beginning to feel tired is the very time that women and children don’t just have the walk home, but they also have the weight of the water to carry as well.’

Total distance walked:  174 miles.

Marje is planning to do it again next year.