These conversations between Missional Discipleship Enabler Stuart Radliffe and mission practitioners have been designed to help those listening delve deeper into issues around mission, discipleship and church growth. Here you will find past webinars that might be helpful, and details of sessions planned.

Being Interrupted

John Bell, in conversation

Leading your church into growth


For Good

Can random acts of kindness build the kingdom and grow the church?

Rewilding the church

Where are our frontlines in the new normal?

How to be a Digital Disciple

Making Disciples in the Midst of  Global Pandemic

Keeping Holy Habits when socially isolated


Great Success!

The Revd Stuart Nixon, Birchwood Minister, Thomas Risley URC, said, 'It was great to hear and be inspired by the Cris Rogers webinar, hosted by Stuart Radcliffe. Cris used very ordinary examples of a local church doing mission in a very uncomplicated way. 

'In particular his talk helped me to move a project forward in our Covid world. He used an example of providing refreshments from his coffee shop to the emergency services who were attending a nearby incident. The reason this was helpful was because a suggestion had been made from a member of Thomas Risley Church that we provide teas, coffees and cakes to parents returning for the first week of term after the summer holidays. I thought this was great so volunteered to lead it. However I wasn't sure, with Covid restrictions, that we could make it work. 

'Cris' talk helped me to see that it was possible and it took some of the apprehension out of trying it for me. Thankfully the idea took shape and was a great success, we will hopefully repeat it in the future. All Stuart's webinars that I have watched have been really helpful and I recommend anyone to engage with them if they are looking for inspiration and direction.'