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As we remember the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One, please send in photos of anything special you have done or are continuing to do for the Remembrance  season in your church, then let us know so we can feature a collection of commemorations on our website.

St James Church Woolton challenged the congregation to produce 1918 poppies, in whatever material they chose, for an installation - and they received 3,500 poppies! They've been knitted, crocheted, made out of silk petals, and even paper cake cases. Their Season of Remembrance runs until Advent. 

Plant horsePictured is their horse "Jimmy", a full size wire framed horse with succulent plants, to commemorate all the animals who were killed in war. Members of the community are being asked to tie red or white ribbons to church railings whilst offering a prayer - red ribbons for remembrance and white ribbons for peace.

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