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We're Open

We're open signGood news! The office is open! However, with the virus risks still a concern we have put some rules in place. So if you need to visit the office for any reason, please read on...
Two office staff will be in every day, with another in every Tuesday. Up to a maximum of eight can be in the building at any one time – please liaise with the office so that we know who is coming and can manage numbers.
Meetings – there will be a maximum of six people in the conference room. As this will then mean eight people are in the building including the office staff no one else must be in the building while meetings are being held.

All attendees must have a lateral flow test prior to coming into the office. All visiting attendees must leave straight after the meeting. If anyone is unable to have a lateral flow test, then they must wear a mask whilst in the building. You must sign in and tick to indicate whether you have had a lateral flow test or not.

We look forward to seeing you (at some time!)

General Assembly

The Revd Jenny Travis, of the Warrington Pastorate, spent four days at General Assembly in July 2021. She said, 'It is with joy I report that there is so much to celebrate in the life of our church. So many stories of God’s goodness, love and justice. So many stories of our churches work to join in and live out God’s mission in our communities. So many reports of work to further the kingdom of God here in the URC, in the society we live in and in the wider world. The words of the Ruth Whitehead speaking on behalf of the Synod Moderators were words each of us needed to hear as a starting point for any other conversations about the life of our churches. Whole life disciple making churches who are walking the way, living the life of Jesus today.' Here is Jenny's intro, followed by the Moderator's Report from General Assembly.

Could it be you?

We need volunteer/s to provide Fairtrade goods and possibly also sell them at the Saturday Synods. You might have a Fairtrade shop in your town, as Warrington Market has, where you could pick up baskets of Fairtrade goods on a ‘sale or return’ basis. The previous folk who ran the Fairtrade and Book stall at our Synods for many years have sadly decided that they will no longer do this for us. Contact Rita on 07838 103310 if you or someone you know might like to do this rewarding job. Please advertise this in your congregation.  

Video Recap

Watch the latest, and all the previous, videos of our soon-to-be Moderator the Revd Geoff Felton, here.