Read the URC advice on using Zoom securely here

1. You will receive an email which will include a link as well as information  regarding the time and title of the meeting

2.    Click on link. Once you click this your computer should open your web browser and run Zoom automatically, but if not do as instructed in your web browser as per below.   

3.    You may need to give permission for it to run, please click run.   

4.    Wait a few moments and a window will pop up where you need to enter your name for the meeting, the click join.   

5.    You will now be taken into the meeting. Once you are in the meeting please click “Join Audio Conference by computer”   

6.    Once in the meeting you will see that there are a number of buttons at the bottom of your screen:   

Mute – this will enable to mute your microphone. This is often helpful when other people are talking to prevent any other background noise.   

Stop video – this will turn off your webcam so that you are no longer sharing video   

Invite – this allows you to invite others to the call that may need to be added.  Invites can be added via email    

Participants – When you click this a panel on the right hand side will appear which will show you who is in the meeting    

Share Screen this allows you to share whatever you are looking at on your laptop screen. You can also use a whiteboard feature which acts as a virtual whiteboard   

Chat – this enables messages to be written to all the participants within the chat   

Record – this allows you to record the meeting in case it is needed for future  reference   

Leave Meeting – This will take you out of the meeting   

7.    Once you have finished the meeting, click leave meeting.